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Title: Method to Place A Button On The Index Page -
Post by: alstan on July 16, 2012, 04:47:08 pm
A Method to Place A Button Within A Topic Heading On The Index Page -
Some admins prefer this method as being neater than having a button in the header or footer.

* Log into your toplist account
* Look for the item marked 'Vote Picture Code'.
* Highlight & Copy the HTML code.

* Back on your forum, go into your admin panel, go to your subject/board controls.
* Create a new board, name it something like 'Vote For Us' .
* Paste the HTML code into the description box for the new board.
* Check for any other settings that may be required and 'Save'.

An example of a button placed by this method appears on the index page of this forum.
This method has worked on all of the forum hosts that I've tried, but if you experience difficulty
or if you have lost your toplist login details, then please contact me via the 'Contact Admin' link
in the menu bar at the head of the toplist page.